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JulBell le Juin 20, 2024
Hi, I use the app in the market place to migrate data from Zoho to HubSpot but there is no solution for the email. Any help for it ? Thanks 😄 Jules
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Juin 20, 2024 12:43
Hi @JulBell , Unfortunately, there isn't a direct built-in way to migrate emails from Zoho to HubSpot. Currently, HubSpot only allows direct mig...Lire la suite
MicPog le Juin 19, 2024
Hi! We have a problem with registering BCC emails in Hubspot to our contacts. To 5th June it was OK, sinse 6th June there is no e-mail in our contacts. Our e-mail provider response us "Message rejected due to blocked recipient", but the proble Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Juin 20, 2024 11:30
Hi @MicPog , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! I'd recommend setting up allowlisting with your email service provider. Please no...Lire la suite
heiko_bergmann le Juin 17, 2024
Dear community. I want to sync data from Creatio with HubSpot. Previously I have copied the Contacts and Companies by export/import in both systems. Activity data shall be syncronized between the systems. W hat will hapen with activities once the Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Solution Acceptée
Au panthéon de la communauté | Partenaire solutions
Juin 17, 2024 04:24
Hi @heiko_bergmann , Any records and activities created should remain in HubSpot. While I haven't tested this with Creatio specifically, I hav...Lire la suite
JCohn le Juin 16, 2024
The Proposify <> HubSpot integration will automatically create a note each time a prospect views a proposal. It's cool to know a prospect viewed it maybe once, but spamming the notes section 30+ times as prospects reference their Proposal dur Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Conseiller clé
Juin 16, 2024 20:27
As this integration is maintained by Proposify they would be the best to help out in this situation. Based on what I reviewed through their documenta...Lire la suite
MPhillips6 le Juin 10, 2024
Hello, Our company is based in Canada, and we use HubSpot Sales to natively make calls to many of our clients. Recently, we've been seeing a huge rise in clients from Africa, but at the moment our best method of contacting them is through WhatsApp. Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
3 Réponses
Juin 10, 2024 06:57
No problem. Hopefully you can manage to talk to one of their support team on Live Chat or find an alternative way around this. I will keep a look out...Lire la suite
Roger le Juin 08, 2024
It would be great to be able to create a MS Word document f.e. as a quote or contract or else directly from a deal. It should be possible to use any connected object, such as company, contacts, tickets, custom object and even all standard and custom Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Juin 10, 2024 12:24
Hi @Roger , We have a document automation app for HubSpot called Portant . I made a short 60s video about our app here: (At the mom...Lire la suite
cbwhittemore le Mai 31, 2024
Hi. I am trying to enable an integration between Freshclick Quote and HubSpot. According to Freshclick support, we need the quote_no field validation updated. Here is the error: ************************** Array ( [status] => error [message Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
3 Réponses
Solution Acceptée
Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 31, 2024 18:56
Hey @cbwhittemore , Happy Friday! Please ensure that the quote_no field in Freshclick is correctly mapped to the corresponding field in Hu...Lire la suite
CSiragaki le Mai 22, 2024
We have a prospect interested in using HubSpot for Sales, and before creating a quote, they need to check the product's availability. We've added the relevant property in the Products object, and the developer will sync this information from their Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
4 Réponses
Solution Acceptée
Participant | Partenaire solutions Elite
Mai 24, 2024 13:48
Yes, I believe that also! Thanks for your answer! In any case your solution for the quotes will work as well.
RDufour0 le Mai 22, 2024
Are there limits on the number of activities associated between contacts and deals? Some of my sales agents can see the emails sent to the contacts, but they are not appearing in the associated deals.
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Solution Acceptée
Au panthéon de la communauté | Partenaire solutions
Mai 22, 2024 06:20
Hi @RDufour0 , There are limits, yes, but it's unlikely that that's what's happening here. Whether an activity appears automatically on an ass...Lire la suite
JShipton le Mai 16, 2024
I'm currently scoping out an integration between HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Is it possible, as part of the integration, to create an alert/task that fires in HubSpot when a new employee joins a LinkedIn company page? And is there a wa Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Solution Acceptée
Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 17, 2024 07:48
Hi @JShipton , thank you for reaching out to the community. That's a great question and use case. I have been looking into possible ...Lire la suite
kara_susvilla le Mai 14, 2024
Are you looking to optimize your sales process by streamlining your quote-to-cash process? Join us live on Wednesday, May 29 @ 12:00 PM ET, to learn how to create error-free quotes, contracts, and proposals with the PandaDoc app for HubSp Lire la suite
3 Mentions J'aime
0 Réponse
RuySpinola le Mai 14, 2024
Révélation (Surlignez pour lire) I want to limit discount to line itens... We have been had some difficults to control the discount the team gives to customers. Does we have a way to limit it?
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Guide | Partenaire solutions Elite
Mai 15, 2024 04:49
Hi @RuySpinola Looks like you cannot natively enforce this You can explore a workaround with Discount Codes but this is more on customer fac...Lire la suite
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