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LuizBritto on July 25, 2024
Olá, pessoal, tudo bem? Coordeno uma operação comercial com pré-vendedores e vendedores. Após a qualificação de um lead, o pré-vendedor marca uma reunião para o vendedor a partir do roteamento. É criado um evento na agenda do vendedor, pré-ve read more
0 upvote
0 Reply
TDodd on July 25, 2024
Hey team, submitting this on behalf of a customer: Currently we're only able to connect call channels to Help desk depending on our subscription - Service Pro can connect 3 while enterprise can connect 5 call channels. While this is aligned wi read more
1 Reply
Guide | Partner
July 25, 2024 04:30
Hey @TDodd Yes, you are correct you can connect 3 calling channels in HubSpot if you have a pro service Hub plan to know more kindly go more
kubilayaydeger on July 24, 2024
Hello HubSpot Community, I'm looking to automate part of our quoting process on HubSpot. When generating a quote, we manually input each contact's full name into the URL/Content slug field. Is there a way to have the contact's full name automati read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Guide | Gold Partner
July 25, 2024 08:38
Hi Kubilay, The quote slug can be changed via the HubSpot API, so you can use custom-coded actions in a Quote-based workflow to make the more
DLiprini on July 24, 2024
Hi guys I would like to remove hubspot tasks associated to a deal contact when the deal reaches a certage stage of the pipeline. For example, when a deal is started it creates a follow up task (though Zapier) when the deal moves to won/lost read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Guide | Elite Partner
July 24, 2024 21:36
@JSlobodzian4 Thanks for the tag! I am pretty aligned with RSchweighart 's solution here, The only thing I can think off is the governance & more
pravijndeca on July 23, 2024
For example, when I post a linear link in slack all the content of that linear task shows up in Slack I want to post the hubspot link to meeting minutes and have that content show in slack and not just the link
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 24, 2024 00:10
Hi @pravijndeca , The best place for these kinds of requests is the HubSpot Ideas section of the community: more
Hyroxware on July 23, 2024
I have automations which trigger when deals are created or moved to a new stage. I am wanting to now sync my deals from pipedrive but I dont want them to trigger any automations? Do you know if this will happen?
0 upvote
7 Replies
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 23, 2024 06:40
@Hyroxware if currently no deals are enrolled in your workflows, turning them off, running the sync, turning them back on, might be the easiest more
00444 on July 23, 2024
Hi everyone. I need some advice. I am working for a company that is setting me the sales navigator and the Hubspot Professional Service plan. The thing is that it will be connected through my personal LinkedIn, which is perfect because I w read more
Accepted solution
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
July 23, 2024 08:25
Hi Daniel, Exciting news! The LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with HubSpot gives you full control over your contacts. While it doesn’t more
karlotevesMAG on July 22, 2024
Hi everyone, just want to ask for your thoughts and opinions about Allbound timeline card on record pages beta? Pro's and cons would be very much appreciated on the thread.
0 upvote
7 Replies
Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
July 24, 2024 16:32
@karlotevesMAG In the Record customization, you can create a specific view for specific users or teams and add the allbound timeline. That allows more
CMoore92 on July 21, 2024
It'd be great to be able to add data regarding spam to our reporting. I know it's live in the health tab of emails but it would be great to use spam reports on dashboards.
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted solution
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 23, 2024 04:36
Hey @CMoore92 Yes, this is a great idea, and a current limitation. We have a workaround to incorporate this into your current dashboards Go more
NOkida on July 17, 2024
Hello everyone! When I schedule a meeting using the activity function within a deal, it creates an event in Google Calendar without the video conference link. Does anyone know how to set it up to always create the link by default?
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted solution
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 18, 2024 04:31
Hey @NOkida You can set it on Google Calendar like this And if you want to add it automatically in you Meetings link in HubSpot just more
RW180800 on July 16, 2024
Anyone had any success integrating HubSpot using private apps and a Vodia PBX v68.0.37?
0 upvote
3 Replies
July 23, 2024 23:28
The Vodia documentation states it should work in V68 using HubSpot private apps and an API from there. So far no luck, wondering if anyone has had more
MRusso9 on July 16, 2024
My understanding is custom objects do not sync between Hubspot and Dynamics with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 data sync. What's the best path forward for syncing custom entities in MS Dynamics to Hubspot? Are there any third-party solutions or agencie read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted solution
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
July 23, 2024 08:22
Hey there @MRusso9 . I'll echo the suggestion from @BérangèreL on adding your request to the Ideas forum. If one exists, add your voice to that more
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