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Zapier Associated Contact from new Deal

Hello Hubspot commnunity. We have (I believe) a relatively simple use case for that involves pulling specific data from HubSpot when a new deal is created. Below is the workflow we'd like, and where we are stuck. 


Ideally the workflow would be as follows:

1. A new deal is created in HubSpot

2. Zapier pulls the associated contacts, into another software.


The problem is "associated contacts" is not a valid property of deals (although in HubSpot itself I can see the associated contacts on the right menu pane when I click into a deal). When I click on "manage properties" the closest thing I can see is "number of associated contacts" which only reports a number, when the output I need is actually the specific contacts names and email addresses. 


Any way to make this work? 



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Zapier Associated Contact from new Deal

Hello @HFas welcome to our Community.


I recommend copying the property from contacts to deals, this way when Zapier pulls the deals' information, this custom property is also pulled into another software. 


When you add a Copy to a property value action in a workflow, only source and target properties with compatible property field types can be selected.


I want to share this knowledge base with more information about compatible sources and target properties for copying property values in workflows and invite our top experts to share their thoughts, @franksteiner79 @Dan1 @Olivia_Bagnall any recommendations to @HFas?


Thank you,



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