We synced HubSpot and 1000+ alerts were sent to our reps


Hi Community,


We are new to relatively new to HubSpot and just completed importing all of our records from SFDC over to HubSpot. 


One of the side effects was that an alert was sent out for almost every record that we synced over. The alert was about how a record's lifecycle stage was updated.


Can someone shed some light on:

1. Where in HubSpot we can manage these seemingly HubSpot-generated alerts?

2. Why a lifecyle change would trigger an alert?

3. Anything else we should know while integrating Salesforce?



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Hi @hoinguyen


Noticifations are managed in each users individual profile and preferences section as described here: How do I set up user notifications in HubSpot?


There are quite a few options there. However, I don't think lifecycle change is one. In my experience, lifecycle change notifications are often workflows set up in HubSpot. Have you had a look to see if there is one in your case? 


Hope this helps.

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