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Trying to track down the reason for State being updated on sync

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Hi I have been trying for a few hours to identify the root cause for the lead/contact mailing State field  reverting to the full name, despite the Hubspot setup to make it a 2 digit code value in Hubspot. I have checked all I can in salesforce,com, there are no validation rules/workflow rules/process builds/google maps address completion has been disabled/state and country picklists is not enabled-

I cannot find the reason for the continual reversion to eg Wisconsin when it is set to WI on the Hubspot side, edited in SF side to WI- then a few minutes later its back to Wisconsin in both and the field history shows its SF changing it apparently.  I am the SF admin- as far as I can tell there is nothing in place to have this happen, unless maybe the account billing address is having an effect. It shouldnt as we keep multiple country contacts in some accounts. Any insight anyone?

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Hi, @JudeGreen. You'll want to carefully review this help article, detailing the state-and-country-picklist functionality of the Salesforce integration, if you haven't already. 


If there are any discrepancies between the picklists you have configured in Salesforce, versus what's in HubSpot. I can't remember what the defaults are for each system, but data integrity issues can occur if every label-value pair isn't an exact match between the two systems. 


Other possibilities, which are tougher to diagnose, include duplicate mappings on the HubSpot side, or downstream Salesforce automation which is setting an unintended value, other than what's configured. 


It's unclear whether the examples you're looking at are reverting to their previous value (some value which existed prior to setting up the functionality), or setting a new value produces an unexpected result. If the former, it's probably a function of nonmatching picklist label-value pairs between systems. If the latter, there's likely some other automation someplace that's interfering.

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.