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TROUBLESHOOTING: Error adding your phone number to Twillio Connect

After Sales Professional/Enterprise users connect their Twilio Connect account with HubSpot, the user needs to register their number to be used with their Twilio account before they can make a call.


Just to be clear, this post is specifically for adding your number to your Twilio Connect account here:

Twilio Connect Integration (1).png


If you are looking to add your phone number to the HubSpot Calling tool, check out this article instead. This thread also provides more details on troubleshooting this other tool.


Sometimes, when adding your number to your Twlio Connect account, you may see the following error message "Phone number couldn't be verified": 

Twilio Connect Error.png


When this happens, you can first try the following steps in your Twlio Connect account:


  1. Log in to Twilio:
  2. Go to
  3. Add the desired phone number in the "Verified Caller IDs"section
  4. Twilio will call and verify the number. (First verification)
  5. Once the number has been verified by Twilio, navigate back to HubSpot Settings > Sales > Calling.
  6. Add the phone number that we added in "Verified Caller IDs" from Twilio.
  7. Twilio will call again and verify the number. (Second verification)
  8. Once the verification is done, it's completed! You should then be able to use this number to make calls in HubSpot with your Twilio Connect account.

If you continue to face issues with registering your number after trying the above steps, reach out to Twlio Connect directly for further assistance!


P.S. If you're having trouble making calls to other countries using Twilio connect, review your geo permission settings in Twilio.

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TROUBLESHOOTING: Error adding your phone number to Twillio Connect



I was trying the same past 1 to 2 months and just got some resolution (still issue persist).


1) Basically, once you connect (and its fine whether its Twilio Connect or Flex - both works), you select the countries you want under the number > Properties > Twilio Geo Settings > and verify When you verify, select the respective country code and key in the approved number to reconfirm is it is allowed. 


2) Another issue you will face is, Hubspot will ask for a verification code. You will have to receive this call. For those struggling (it took me 1-2 mths to settle this!), you can set up a call forwarding under twilio set up to your mobile number. Do this via quick deploy. Once you get your call in your mobile, you can verify the number.


3) Miraculously, the calls started working today for 4 countries in Hubspot. When calling, 'Call from' and 'Call Provider' as Twilio.


For me the above are solved. Now i 



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TROUBLESHOOTING: Error adding your phone number to Twillio Connect

Hi @MySalesUni,


Thanks for sharing how you solved this!




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