Sync Hubspot Contact ID to SF DC custom field

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Hi I am new to Hubspot but have many years experience in I want to put the actual Contact ID from the Hubspot CRM record into a custom field on salesforce for better metrics on the activities showing in each system as an example- is this possible? And if so, how....

Thanks Jude

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Hi, @JudeGreen. The unique identifier for a HubSpot contact - a numeric value in a contact record's URL called the vid - is something which doesn't exist natively in a HubSpot property. If you can put it in a property, you can map it to Salesforce, and this is one piece of data which won't allow you property access in a point-and-click kind of way. 


If your org has developer resources available, you would have ways of solving for this. Create a custom property in HubSpot, use this Contacts API endpoint to get the vid of the contact, and put it into that property. Once mapped to Salesforce, the vid would sync. 

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
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