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Hi there


I've just started using Hubspot and was hoping to get some help with something that's baffling me!


I'm attempting to pull the data from my Shopify Contact Form ( so that any entries are pulled into the Hubspot Inbox and the name, email etc are used to create a contact and an enquiry I can reply to etc.


Shopify and Hubspot are connected with the app, and Hubspot can see the various fields in the Shopify form.


Where it falls over is that when a contact is created in Hubspot it groups all entries from the contact form as one contact (even though they are all different values), just one with multiple email addresses : (


Is there a way to fix it so this works correctly and contact and enquiries are created and appear in Hubspot?


It seems it is using the generic address for the contact rather than the reply-to address (which is the customer email).


In Freshdesk this works perfectly, though it seems in Hubspot not so much - hahaScreenshot of incorrectly created contact and enquiryScreenshot of incorrectly created contact and enquiry


Thanks so much (and let me know if you need further info etc).



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HI @mattt-melbourne,


The issue is that it isn't the form submission that is creating/associating with the contact, it is the email that shopify is sending that includes the form submission information. Because the email is coming into the conversations inbox, HubSpot is pulling the email that is sending the email, which in this case is the general shopfiy email. If you are able to directly connect the form to HubSpot, then the email field would map to the email field in HubSpot and create contacts.


For more information on this, I wanted to share this resource.


Thank you,



Hi @jennysowyrda 

Thank you for your help. I solved the issue by taking what you have suggested and now I've got a duplicate in the conversations. How do we stop the email from then?

also, does this also mean that we will need to map all the contact forms on the website?

Community Manager

Hi @rachaely1 


Thank you for reaching out. 


It looks like there is some automation on your end that sends the external form submission to the shared email address you are using in Conversations. I'd recommend checking in with your developer/designer to see how the submission from the contact us form is being sent to your shared email address. An alternative would be as well to set up an email filter in your Conversations inbox for this email address by following those steps


Hope that helps.
Have a lovely day,

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