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Scheduling Widget is Blowing Up Website


Hi there, the embed code for the scheduling widget is blowing up my website.  It appears to prevent parts of my site from loading.  Please advise

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Community Manager

Scheduling Widget is Blowing Up Website

Hello @CGramlich32 Thank you for posting in our Community!

I want to ask you for more details are you currently using the embed following these steps here


Please note: only Marketing Hub or CMS Hub accounts can embed the scheduling widget on a HubSpot-hosted page.

 The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can help you with the next steps.

To our top experts @danmoyle @Josh @Bryantworks have you experienced this before? Any recommendations to @CGramlich32?


Thank you,



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Scheduling Widget is Blowing Up Website

Thanks for the tag @PamCotton. It looks like I may be late to the convo, as you mentioned you're under a deadline @CGramlich32. Sorry I wasn't able to jump in sooner - been a busy week.


I've been able to embed HubSpot meetings in a few different platforms with no issues. I don't understand how the code would end upblocking the loading of JS and CSS resources. That might be a developer question. 


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Scheduling Widget is Blowing Up Website

Hi there,

Our web developer has put the widget on our sites development page so you
can see what its doing to the site.

The attached screenshot also shows how the code is blocking the loading of
JS and CSS resources.

We need to resolve this or switch away from hubspot as we do require a
functional booking tool. Our web hosting expires today and this was the
final piece to complete before we migrate to new website and provider.

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