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We're a non-profit housing program and have an issue with the Salesforce integration that some of you bright folks might be able to help out with. 

Here's how we thought we could get it to work: A lead completes a Hubspot form that asks eligibility/qualifying questions. Those properties should be synced back to salesforce. Salesforce has some automation that then assesses eligibility, cretes a Salesforce Community user (if eligible), and triggers the corresponding email notification.

Unfortunately, when the sync is triggered is largely unpredictable. This frequently causes the eligibility assessment in Salesforce to trigger before all the HS properties have synced back to Salesforce.

Our approach to fix this was to create a property that is set at the end of a HS workflow after a 1-minute delay ("Complete Form Submission") that Salesforce will wait for to start the eligibility assessment automation processes. The issue here was that even with this set-up, the Complete Form Submission property sometimes doesn't trigger the salesforce processes.


Have any of you tried to implement a similar use case with the integration? If so, do you have any best practices for having the HS sync triggers happen more reliably or in a predictable order? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hi, @tchfh. The reason you're seeing different behaviors is because there are different mechanisms in play on both the HubSpot and Salesforce sides, and the latency is probably longer than you'd like (or have built for). 


First, on the HubSpot side: Syncs are triggered when changes to mapped properties occur, or events scheduled to sync (in the form of submissions or email activities) occur on the HubSpot contact. These usually occur within a couple of minutes, although there's a separate pipeline for new form submissions which can get from HubSpot to Salesforce within a minute or two. [Factors like whether you have an inclusion list set up, or have a marketing portal of more than 50,000 contacts can increase this delay a marginal amount. In general, the more contacts and complexity of lists you have set up, the longer you can expect the sync to take.]


On the Salesforce side, there's a poll job which runs every 15 minutes. It looks for all records (on objects the connector can speak to), and seeing if any changes occurred to mapped fields, which would warrant a sync. 


Based on what you've described, any time you need to go from new submission, to Salesforce, and push Salesforce changes back into HubSpot, this could take up to 20 minutes total. It won't always be that extreme, as you won't always have to wait the full interval for both jobs, but it could conceivably take that long sometimes. 


There's not much you can do to circumvent this, so you'll want to build your automation around this built-in behavior.

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
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