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Salesforce Record Link via Formula Property

For those of you often sending Slack notifications or internal emails to slaes/others and working with SFDC, I'm sure you've been frsutrated with dynamtically pulling the lead vs contact ID into a link. Well I created a calculated/formula property today that solves this for me: 


if(is_present([properties.salesforcelastsynctime]), if(is_present([properties.salesforcecontactid]), concatenate("https://[your-company]", concatenate([properties.salesforcecontactid], "/view")), concatenate("https://[your-company]", concatenate([properties.salesforceleadid], "/view"))))


First, this checks to see if a contact has ever synced to SFDC, then it checks to see if there is a Contact ID, and if there is, it combines the values into a URL string. If there isn't a contact ID, it combines the Lead ID into a URL string. FYI, you have to include "/view" at the end of the URL, thus why there's a nested concatinate function. 

Note that you will need to replace [your-company] with your SFDC URL/instance. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Salesforce Record Link via Formula Property

Hey @TArias76 , happy Friday!

Thank you so much for sharing this calculated/formula property I am sure this will help a lot of our users here in our Community!




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