Quotient + Zapier + HubSpot


Is there anyone out there that is using Quotient for quote creation/sending?

Quotient works fairly well for our sales team (HubSpot quotes aren't quite flexible enough for our services). We've been using Zapier to push submitted quotes from Quotient into HubSpot.

The problem is that Zapier isn't able to correctly pull the Quote owner and associate/assign it to the deal owner in HubSpot. Has anyone experienced a similar issue or know a workaround? The quotes themselves are coming in just fine to our Deal Pipeline, but it's not correctly pulling in the assigned rep.

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Community Manager

Hello @garnold 


If Quotient apps have an API endpoint for getting this data, my recommendation would be they use the corresponding HubSpot endpoint to post the data to the deal, more information about it here.


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