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We are looking for a payment platform plug in. Right now we are looking at Sam Cart and love many of its features (Payment pages, Client links to update credit card, and affiliate center).
We are looking for a program that in addition to those features:
- allows more flexibility in the type of payment received as we receive cash and check.
- Allows us to adjust pricing easily from one client to the next without creation of a new product
- Integrates with Hubspot more directly (so we can see all orders on the client record)

Can anyone offer some suggestons?

If this is not the right place to post this question please let me know the best location for input from the community.

Thank you!

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Hey @ShannonCWoodley 


This is a really good way to start a conversation in the Community. I will tag a few of our experts Emoticono feliz     


Hey  @Josh @KeyWestScott @MastersFred  could you please share your knowledge with @ShannonCWoodley 


Thank you


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Hi @ShannonCWoodley,


DepositFix is a more common one that integrates with HubSpot. I'm sure @Denis, DepositFix founder, would be happy to chat with you about the capabilities. 


Thanks for the ping @sharonlicari.



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Hi, Shannon.  We have a custom reservations system that is not part of the HS environment.  So, really don't have anything to offer.  Good luck.