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I think my email account has been hacked as it seems I am unwittingly emailing an invisible address and my inbox is constantly bombarded with undeliverables.  It seems my emails are copying this address in and I cant find out how.  I have added a rule to my dns settings.  removed rules from my outlook, changed the password to my outlook and the hubspot extension.  I cant find what the problem is so I am wondering if its possible it could be something to do with the hubspot extension.  Can anyone advice

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Hi @ahamaton,


The only email address HubSpot provides access to is the bcc address associated with your email address. This will only be added to emails that you choose to log to your portal, however. 


If you are experiencing an issue with your inbox in general, I would recommend connecting with your IT team or email provider, as they will be the best resource for addressing any concerns about your email security. 


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