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Hi there,

We recently updated our Wordpres Ninja Forms plugin to 3.3.17 on the 17th of October.
We then ran two rounds of tests ensuring our newsletter subscription worked and was still GDPR compilant and then also as a part of those tests, ensured Hubspot was notifying us of all successful submissions. This happened on the 19th of October.


Fast forward to the 23rd and we've noticed we now no longer receive any HubSpot notifications and we're alos receiving two JS errors in the browser console.

Form -

When hovering the error file, it references which I would imagine is a HubSpot file but support couldn't seem to pinpoint an issue on their end, although they are going to run tests to see if anything shows up on their end.

Has anyone else recently discovered these issues also?
Our two rounds of testing were successful but now no Hubspot notifications or submissions reaching our Hubspot account, forcing us to manually check the submissions in Wordpress.

I'm not hugely technical, so any help in layman's terms would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @niven_d6,



If you've updated to a Ninja form version above 3.0 that could be the issue, as Ninja forms v.3.0+ are not supported for non-HubSpot forms


Hope that helps!