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We have integrated Mailchimp with Hubspot and this week I activated the function where you can see in Hubspot who has opened or clicked through our Mailchimp emails (up until now we were only using the feature that automated the export of new contacts from Hubspot to Mailchimp).   What's weird is it only appears to be synching through December -- I can't see any information related to open rates for communications sent in January and February (of which there were several).  Any ideas why that might be happening?

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Hi @MairinMac,


Did any information change on your Mailchimp side that could be interfering with this information being pushed through? My first recommendation would be to reconnect the integration to ensure your credentials are still up to date. 


If you are still stuck after that, can you please share screenshots of where you are getting stuck and what you are seeing in Mailchimp vs. HubSpot?


Thank you,

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