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Hi Hubspot!

We are a legal company who uses hubspot with a lot of love. One of our main processes is the mail function.


You already helped us greatly with fixen the problem for mails with attachments receiving on a apple device. Now we have a problem that almost every mail we send is put in the receivers spam box.


We work a lot with contracts so the receiver has to have them in their normal inbox. We know that google is the main problem. Is there a way we can fix this problem? 


Yours sincerely,


De Huurdokters

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HubSpot Employee

HI @Huurdokters  According to this HubSpot Academy resource, just using the Sales tool does not cause a HubSpot tracked email to land in spam filters, however, the addition of the tracking image could trigger spam warnings in email clients set with very sensitive security settings that does not allow images or link tracking. Since you are a legal firm, I'm guessing this will be an issue with your recipients. 





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