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Hi, I am self-employed and talked a company into having Hubspot. They are great with computers so set it up and I spent the last six months, updating imported list from excel, added new prospects etc etc. They ended my contract and changed my password. i.e. I can no longer log-in to that account. 

Q1 - Is all that work just gone forever?

Q2 - I now have my OWN website and Hubspot Free CRM (Now nobody can take my work away!) - Can I set-up groups of contacts/companies for a selected company I work for? And create / print reports for update/progress meetings?  NOTE: I'm self-employed and have partnerships with a number of companies, any contacts, sales, enquiries etc for that company I want a property that names that partner company. It's like I sell with many hats; advertising, print, lone worker devices. I am somewhat new to Hubspot, a quick reference guide to print would be great!! (hopefully not 100 pages). Thanking you in advance! Smiley Happy


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