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It's 2022, and it is time to use AI instead of scoring rules :)

For larger B2B HubSpot users with > 10,000 prospect-accounts in their system, it is hard to glean insights from all this data: Which leads (accounts) to prioritize? Which campaigns and events are effective? Which prospects to reach out to, before they are even in HubSpot? And so on.


Many marketers rely on manual point-based lead scoring systems these can be inaccurate and hard to maintain, leading to lost leads and wasted efforts. What if an AI could crunch all of your past HubSpot data and let you effortlessly answer the above questions?


This is exactly what XaiPient does. It is powered by cutting edge AI models that are able to ingest thousands of prospect journeys, and learn to predict a prospect's future behavior from their past activities. As an end user, you can sit back and use XaiPient's scores and effectiveness metrics to guide your decisions of which leads to prioritize for sales, which prospects to reach out to, and which campaigns to allocate your budget to.

We also have a Look-Alike Prospect Fit Score that indicates how well a prospect (company) profile fits your past customers.


If you are a HubSpot B2B customer with at least 10,000 prospect companies and a year of history, we'd love to have you try out our app. There is a risk-free trial at every tier.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

It's 2022, and it is time to use AI instead of scoring rules :)

Thank you for sharing @PChalasani



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