Inventory control for real estate developer

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We are a boutique residential apartments developer and are in the hunt for a real estate developer system out there that can integrate with Hubspot and do any of the following:


  1. Inventory Management - Hold the master inventory, book units, reserve, sell, etc
  2. Payment Plans - Have pre-determined payment plans that you can choose at the time of booking a unit
  3. Give accurate financial reports based on cash flow projections based on sold, available and reserved properties
  4. Sales Contracts  - to be able to generate Reservation Agreements, Purchase Agreements, etc
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Hi @Devmarkdxb 


Does your current Real Estate system do the job for you, but doesn't connect to HubSpot?


Do you know of any Real Estate systems you like that have an API (Application Programming Interface)?


An API is what geeks like us (and Zapier) use to connect different systems.


If you have a few Real Estate systems you like feel free to send me some links and I can see if they can be connected.