Integration with "Green Invoice"

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Hello all, 

We have here in Israel a very popular Invoice application ("Green Invoice") that got no connection to Zapier but has an API.

Does someone has an experience to integrate between those two?

for example: Open new contacts from Hubspot to "Green Invoice" + send every new invoice from "Green Invoice" to Hubspot contacts?
If you know someone that can help - It will be great.

Thanks a lot,


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Hi @rubihalfon1,


Thank you for reaching out to Community!


I haven’t heard about someone using Green Invoice with HubSpot.

@cbarley and @darynsmith, do you guys have any advice here?


Thank you,


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Hi @rubihalfon1 


You have a few options here, especially since they have an API available:


1. You can get a custom integration created that will sync your portal with Green Invoice.


2. You can engage with Green Invoice and get them to build an integration and become a HubSpot Connect Partner so that other companies that use both HubSpot and Green Invoice can take advantage of the integration.


3. You can get an integration built between the two, like the option above. But you own it, and charge a monthly fee for customers to use it.


We're happy to help you with all 3 options, if you want to chat further:

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Thank you both Smiley Happy 

I will contact @darynsmith