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I'm trying to integrate hubspot with Xero or quickbooks using Zapier

I want to send the "Contact Owner" value along with the contact to the other end of the integration

The problem is, it sends the contact owner ID not the name, would it be possible to send the contact owner name instead?


If not, would it possible to know the associated hubspot account of the given ID?


Thanks in advance

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Hi, @AhmedIGTS. This is a frustrating use case, and probably not one you'd be able to solve elegantly. Your best bet, if your subscription permits the use of workflows, would be creating a custom text property, and setting up a workflow that copies the owner info into that property.


I'm not entirely sure how that would look - it might pass the name/email combination, instead of just the name; it could still pass the value when zapped to the external system.


HubSpot's calculated properties are numeric only, and won't parse text, so that's not something you'd be able to use. Ironically, if you had other integrations which could calculate the text value you're looking for (like with a Salesforce formula field, for example), that would give you the flexibility and customization you're looking to zap elsewhere.


If none of those options work, there won't be much recourse. With Zapier, you're limited to the starting and ending options built into each zap, with little customization or manipulation of the properties in the zap itself.

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.
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