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I'm looking at best options for integrating a CRM with a website. I've just started my research and thought I'd supplement it in here. Suggestions about which CRM would benefit my scenario would be helpful.

Are most CRM systems capable of integrating with website forms? I would likely have 2-3 max forms on the website and would like these integrated right into a CRM / project management web service.

Overall how we would be using the system:

  • 2 users appvalley

  • Inbound website leads, capturing basic contact info, notes, etc.

  • Task based follow up system ie. phone call task to make a 1st contact call

  • Possible function of auto emails on following up down the road

  • Project Management tools: atutuapp ble to move leads forward in our system to completion... send auto emails thanking them for the service.

Fairly simply, I believe. I would rather have this automated rather than entering this data into Google form or however. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hello @AdamsDriver, Happy Friday! I will add some top experts to share their thoughts here, @HubSpotMaster @karstenkoehler what would you recommend to @AdamsDriver?


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HubSpot offers a CMS/website builder as well as a CRM that lets you send auto emails. Can't get any more integrated than that. 

And most other CRM software either offer their own or can be integrated with forms via tools like Zapier.

The real question may be what do you mean by "CRM / project management web service". These are two similar but still different kinds of tools. Is it more important to do the CRM part (ie. sales) well, or the delivery/project management? I'd start there (by doing free trials with different tools) and assume that getting leads in from a website is the easy part.