Integrating 3rd party softphones for calling


My company recently setup a VoIP cloud telephone service by Jive ( We are looking to integrate the Jive VOIP system with HubSpot.


Q: Are there any recommendations of companies or websites that may be able to help us integrate Jive & HubSpot.


We want Jive and HubSpot to communicate so that there are:

- Automatic updates the HubSpot call log, whenever you place or recieve a call.

- Save a call recording within the Client contact record in HubSpot.


We were initially told by Jive that there is a pre-exisiting integration with Hubspot but this is not the case ! My boss and colleagues do like Jive so were are going down the route of a third party integration - instead of swithcing VOIP providers. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi @mgogna,


I wanted to draw your attention to a few resources that may assist with what you are looking to accomplish: 

1. HubSpot agency directory

2. There are also services, such as On the Bench and Upwork, which offer assistance with custom projects. Both are third party services. 


cc @darynsmith is this an integration you have seen before? 



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@mgogna and @jennysowyrda there is the HubSpot Calling API in Beta - this will allow you to easily swop out the calling from HubSpot default provider to Jive.


For incoming calls - we have seen this request many times, there is no out-of-the-box solution, but you can have a script written that pings Jive every few minutes to check for new incoming calls. If an incoming call is found, it tries to find a matching phone number in HubSpot and if found, it adds the call to the HubSpot timeline. 


If no matching phone number is found, you can either create a new contact with that phone number or create a task for someone to manually link to an existing contact or create a new contact.

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Hi Daryn,


Hope all is well.

Just came across this thread and thought you may be able to add some value.

My team is in the last month of our RingCentral contract and looking to move on as we've been pretty unimpressed with their platform and service, as well as their limited integration with Hubspot. Given our heavy usage on the sales side of the Hubspot CRM (Enterprise), finding a VOIP vendor that integrates seamlessly is a top priority for us.


Of course, the ancillary features (click-to-call, call whispering, etc.) are awesome but I'd say automatically logging both inbound and outbound calls (currently inbound needs to be logged manually) and being able to quickly bring up a contacts record/history when they're calling in are priorities.


Any recommendations?

I've looked into Aircall although have read reviews that have alluded to a not-always-clean integration with Twilio that may not allow the use of Hubspot's call queue - which our team uses often.


Appreciate any and all help!





Hi Daryn,


We use both Hubspot and Jive - while there is no direct softphone integration, we are able to initiate calls from Hubspot and have them go through Jive.


Essentially, once configured, you chose "Call from Phone" instead of "Call from Browser". Hubspot will call your DND and when you answer trigger the outbound call from the contact record. 

Any "phone" you have connected will ring. I just tested this now and my desktop phone, Windows App, iPhone and iPad all ring at the same time. When I pick up Hubspot tracks the call, and I can fill in my call notes - you can also trigger recording in Hubspot, or turn call recording on in the Jive/GoToConnect platform (although this doesn't link with hubspot).

I do not have anything built to track inbound, but that would be a very nice feature to have!


Hope this helps!








Hi Craig,


Can you (or any one else) eluicidate further on the steps required to set this up? I'm new to Jive and recently returning to HubSpot, and I've never used any kind of phone integration wiht HubSpot - VoIP or otherwise.


Thanks in advance!




Hi Joel, 

Sorry for the late reply.


If you install the GoToConnect (I forget what Jive called it before the rebrand), you'll see the ability to call from your extension. What happens is Hubspot will call your desk phone (so you'll need a Direct InDial Extension), when you pick up the phone, it will call the customer. Once connected, the recording options will become available through the usual Hubspot popup.



Here is a link for you to see it in action.



Can you update the link? It looks broken. We are looking to enable this feature but can't find it.

Any update date on the HubSpot Jive API?