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I can't see hubspot activity in salesforce


When I log in to Salesforce the Hubspot Intelligence section asks me to log in. It then says:


No HubSpot info for this object
This object couldn't be found. If you think this is an error, please contact your HubSpot account admin.
However, I am the account admin and there is information in Hubspot on the contact!!!
It also appears that I am the only one in my company with this issue. Everything syncs correctly between Hubspot and Salesforce but I can't view Hubspot stuff in Salesforce.
Any ideas??
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I can't see hubspot activity in salesforce

I have a user with the same issue. She's an admin in both SFDC and HS so that isn't the cause. She's tried multiple browsers, incognito mode, both disconnected & connected VPN, and I think even different PCs. Despite a long thread with tech support, this still isn't resolved almost 4 weeks later. The issue didn't seem to arise until she turned on 2FA. 

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I can't see hubspot activity in salesforce

Hi @MarkCSC24 


Thank you for reaching out!


Would you mind trying to clear your cache following those steps, as well as trying with another browser and with an incognito window? 


If this is still happening, I would recommend connecting with HubSpot Technical Support, as Support is included in your subscription and they will be able to provide real-time assistance for this matter, where you are able to share screenshots and specific example about this. 


Thank you!



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