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I have a deal in Hubspot that was moved earlier this month from Awaiting PO to Closed Won ….and then it was moved back to Awaiting PO.

This action obviously created a Xero Invoice.


Question – If I now move this deal to Closed Won, again, will it generate a new invoice? (even though there is already an invoice attached to the deal)

Also, if we can do the above (and therefore 2 invoices appear for 1 deal), are we then able to manually move the 1 of the Invoices over to another deal, so that only 1 invoice appears on each Hubspot record and it’s all straight from a financial perspective?



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Hubspot to Xero Query

@LRichardson9 I'm not sure if this truly answers your question, but I would look at the integration settings, most likely in Xero, to see how it pulls data from HubSpot. For exampel, is Xero looking at when the Deal stage is updated each time? Or just the first time? If it's every time, then it will surely create a new invoice when you move in and out of closed stages. 


My question to you: Why is the deal going from closed, backward? I would think any new additions to a closed deal would be in a new deal, maybe in an upsell pipeline. Or if it's an error that needed to be corrected, it would be fixed in the invoice and reflected in editing the closed deal. HubSpot sees the deal stage as linear, especially at the closed mark. 


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