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Hubspot's Treating me like I don't have a paid annual SurveyMonkey Plan even though I do

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My issue: I have a paid annual SurveyMonkey Account ("Advantage") but the Hubspot platform is restricting me as if I don't. 


My SurveyMonkey account was originally a free account, and I integrated it with Hubspot when I created it. Integration worked fine. Two weeks ago, I upgraded my SurveyMonkey account to a paid annual or "Advantage" account. 


After upgraded I created the survey I'm trying to use. The survey is visible fine in the "Integrations" section in Hubspot. 


However, the Hubspot platform is acting as if I don’t have a paid annual SurveyMonkey plan. 


a) it's ingesting only e-mail collector respondents, not web collector (and I want to use the web collector approach) 


According to the Hubspot page describing the integration: 

“Please note: if you have a Basic or Standard (Select) SurveyMonkey account, you can only use an email invitation collector to pass data to HubSpot. SurveyMonkey Advantage (Gold) and Premier (Platinum) users can use email invitation collector surveys and web link collector surveys. Read more about SurveyMonkey's plans.”


b) on the contact records of the email collector respondents, in the "activity" section I can’t see survey answers, instead I see this message: 
“Looking for survey results? Due to a change in SurveyMonkey's API, users without annual paid SurveyMonkey accounts can no longer view answers to survey questions in the timeline. Find out more here.”



So it seems the issue is the Hubspot platform does not "know" that I've upgraded to an Advantage plan. 


I contacted SurveyMonkey and they said they don't know how Hubspot monitors account status or learns of changed account status -- but that Hubspot built the integration so it's a Hubspot issue. 


Does anybody have any thoughts? 

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Never mind, I resolved it! Instead of deleting this post, I'll describe the fix here, in case someobody runs into the same issue.


I just had to disconnect the integration and then re-integrate. Thanks!