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Good evening,

we turn the whole company upside down and are looking for new software solutions. Among other things for our CRM. And we like Hubspot very much from what we have seen so far!

We have our daily POS business, contract work and project work. So we are very diversified. For our daily POS business we naturally need a POS system (not yet defined). Of course, we don't want to maintain several customer databases (once in the POS system, once in CRM, once in project management, once in order management, and so on), but have a common database. Hubspot offers many integrations to project management softwares, but I haven't yet found a network to a POS system. Neither directly at Hubspot nor at Zapier. Does anyone have any experience in their company with the networking of a POS system to Hubspot? Only POS systems that work in Germany can be considered.

Best regards and a nice weekend,

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This may or may not help, but you might consider approaching the problem from an ecommerce perspective. At least one ecommerce provider we can think of also offers an on-site (i.e., POS) solution and integrates with HubSpot -- Shopify. Much will depend on your POS requirements, but it's a start.

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Good morning,

I followed your advice and looked at Shopify last night. Shopify is, as you said yourself, designed for online trading and was developed for it. You can see that very clearly. The POS system offered by Shopify doesn't seem to be a real alternative. On the one hand, I miss the basics functions in the smaller version. Even in the middle version, which costs no less than $79 a month, the advanced reporting features are not included. And Advanced Shopify at $299 a month is a bad joke. 299$? And then there are the comparatively high transaction fees. Online credit card rates, 2.4% + €0.25, direct bank transfer 1.4% + €0.25. Comparative providers usually charge monthly fees of €19 and €49 and transaction fees of 2.2%/0.95%.

Shopify definitely can't keep up with that and therefore offers me no alternative. Probably simply because I don't need the basic part, the online shop.

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Not advice. Just a suggestion -- obviously not helpful.
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Hi, @mrchapeau. I couldn't find anything directly supporting a POS-HubSpot integration. I did find this old blog post from HubSpot Marketing about POS systems. It lists a couple of systems which could obliquely be integrated (usually via Shopify, a supported HubSpot integration), but nothing tying the two together. 


Short of doing a lot of custom development work on your own, I think the best you'll be able to find is [POS] <-> [middleware that integrates with HS] <-> [HubSpot] kind of integration.

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Good morning,

that' s why I had already looked at Zapier. But Zapier only offers integrations to the usual online trading softwares like Shopify or WooCommerce.

I'm really amazed that nobody had the idea to develop an integration between POS systems and a CRM software like Hubspot. Instead I see many POS vendors trying to integrate their own CRM into the POS system. But this internal CRM is mostly: amateurish.

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Hi @mrchapeau - we've written an integration between Oracle Micros POS ( and HubSpot.


Some of the information comes across anonymously, but then we have also integrated with Oracle iCare for vouchers and coupons so in some cases it is not anonymous.


Happy to chat about it further:

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Good morning Dennis,


That's a great question. I'm currently working with a client that is a major Telecom dealer in Canada. They have multiple sales channels (Retail/Business/Direct/eCommerce/Outbound).


I had the same problem (I was looking for a POS that connected with Hubspot). 

They're currently using RQ4, which on its own is a pretty good system, however, I found better POS systems out there, Zoho and Odoo looked good.


In this case, we chose Odoo (more for the AI and Machine learning future aspect).  


It also offers multiple apps to manage your business (apps that actually talk to each other) Accounting, Payroll, employee scheduling, inventory management, pos, eCommerce.  (Zoho does too)


To be clear, we haven't launched it yet as it's a complex build for the client, but I'll check back in on this thread once we do. 


Hope this helps.