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Hubspot companies creation

Hello Community

This is super challenging task for my org right now,


We all know that Hubspot creates a company(with domain name) if the contact email ID has a company domain name(For instance, after @ and so on), deal is not associated here


At the same time, 


My Org has an app, which creates a company in Hubspot (Without domain name) if the contact email id has a domain name, deal is associated here

at the end there are duplication for the same company 

so my questions are,


1. Is it possible to stop creating companies by Hubspot, so that my org app creates a company if the contact email id has a domain name and deal will be associated here. At the end there won't be any duplications by Hubspot.


2. What is the time frame to create a company by Hubspot if I provide the contact email id which has a domain name, this time frame is needed for me to align with my Org app


3. Is there any way that the deal should be associated to both company(created by Hubspot) and contact, presently deal association is missing as I mentioned above.


4. Any possible suggestion from the community


Could you please help me out with the above issue @karstenkoehler @karstenkohler @Phil_Vallender @Josh @webdew @stefen @Anton 





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Hubspot companies creation

@RSiddula  Without knowing more:  Even if it were possible to change how HubSpot creates company records, you will be at risk of unintended consequences with other integrations or automations.. It would be advisable to change your app instead. It sounds like it was built without adequate consideration of requirements for pushing data into HubSpot. 

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