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Hubspot and Netsuite Connector Syncing Issues

Hey there Hubspot Community,


I've been trying to the Hubspot and Netsuite connector and been having trouble with it for months. It doesn't seem to be able to detect when a company is attached to a record.


I am trying to sync my Hubspot Deals as Netsuite Opportunities and they won't sync because "Company should be present".


I create a company in Hubspot and attach it as the Primary Company for the deal, and the deal still wont sync. I had thought I could use the "Company Sync" to send the company over, incase there is a missing association in Netsuite, but the company won't sync over from Hubspot to Netsuite.


Is there a way to make it work?

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Hubspot and Netsuite Connector Syncing Issues

Hi Nate,
I have run into this issue as well.
To approach this I check that all the information nessacary for the company to sync is there. 
If not, update the record.
If all the information is there and when the company goes through, I "reset" the Deal by changing any field that will exclude it from the sync, and then change it back so it will be included in the sync.

I find that the sync will not recheck thouroghly through deals it deems "failing" when doing it is doing a "listening for changes" so doing the "reset" just makes sure its going through all the data you've changed properly.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hubspot and Netsuite Connector Syncing Issues

Hello @nate_skyline, happy Monday!

I would like to invite our top experts to this conversation to share their ideas, @johnelmer @LaurenRyan @jonchim any recommendations to @nate_skyline matter?


Thank you!



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