Hubspot CRM and Webmerge Integration

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Hi people!


It's my fisrt time that I use the community and I hope someone else can help me. I'll need to use WebMerge tool integration with Hubspot CRM to generate my proposal and I woul like to know if some of you already used this integration.


I appreciate if you can give me some tips.


Thanks a lot.





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Hi @Maristella,


Welcome to the HubSpot Community and thank you for posting your question.


I myself don’t have experience with WebMerge but I will ping @bradmin and @Josh to see if they have used this integration in the past or know a user who used it. They’ve been helping a lot of Community members, so they might have some advice for you.


Thank you,


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Hi @Maristella,


Right now that integration isn't direct, but instead, it integrates with Zapier which sends the data from HS to WebMerge (Formstack Documents). 


Do you already have a template that you are using or that you're looking to populate?


One tip that I can share is to use dropdowns, multi-select vs open text fields, especially if you're doing high volume quoting. You can fix the file before it goes out, but using free text leaves a lot of room for error.


I hope that helps!




Thanks for the ping @natsumimori

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Hi Josh


Thank you for your tips. I really apreciate.

I know that I need to use Zapier. I'm trying to understanding how it works to test.


I already have a template because I already use Webmerge but with Pipedrive CRM, we are implementing Hubspot CRM and because of that I need to use Web Merge.


My difficulte is because I don't know the steps to test the integration. Smiley Sad


I'm looking for materials to help me.


Thanks a lot.