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I would like my Sales reps to have the ability to raise a service related issue to our support team via HubSpot. Our support dept uses Zendesk. The issue would be sent 'somehow' to Zendesk where a ticket would be automatically created and support would follow up. Any suggestions? I've thought, playbooks with a workflow... tickets with a workflow...? Not sure where to start. Suggestions?




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Hi there @GPLE , Michaela from Integromat here 👋


Just thought I would jump in with a recommendation here. You could totally achieve this with Integromat. It's a no-code platform that lets you connect HubSpot to pretty much any other online service and automate all sorts of tasks, processes, and even entire workflows. 


It, of course, depends on how you'd like HubSpot to 'tell' Integromat to create a new ticket in Zendesk. Creating a ticket in HubSpot and a matching one in Zendesk seems like the obvious choice but you're the boss here 🙂

Anyway, if you follow these links ➡️ you can check out Integromat's HubSpot and Zendesk integrations and see what features there are(i.e. triggers, actions, and pre-made templates).


If you'd like to see what other HubSpot users say about Integromat, feel free to read through the reviews on the HubSpot marketplace.

If you like what you see, you can sign up for a free Integromat account and start exploring the possibilities 😊