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OOPS, I did not understand that the person inserting the cookie into the website needed a HubID.  SInce to cookie is there already, we have gone back and added the web designer.  What is the next step? Do we need to remove the cookie and put it back? Does the web designer need to be logged into HubSpot when entering the cookie?  Please note our website is not through HubSpot. 


Thank you.



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Hello @gelflex-cc 


For setting up the HubSpot tracking/cookies on any non-HubSpot site , we need to add the tracking code provided by HS either in the header or footer of the site. The tracking code itself places/sets different tracking cookies into the site which helps to track form submissions, page views, traffic source etc.


Please once refer this : Install the HubSpot tracking code



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@himanshurauthanThanks but that is the article I saw AFTER the tracking cookie was installed. The article says - 

So, since they installed the cookie without having an ID....NOW WHAT?