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How to know on Linkedin Sales Navigator if a company is already registered in HubSpot CRM

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Hi everyone, 
Our SDR have a pain when to found out a company on Linkedin SN they always have to switch to Hubspot CRM to know if the company is already on it. 
Do you have a plug-in or a way to know directly from Linkedin SN that the company is already on Hubspot ? 

Thank you in advance. 

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Hi @gniclause,


There is an integration between the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot as outlined here. It does require a Team or Enterprise Sales Navigator subscription in order to integrate with HubSpot CRM.


For more information, I wanted to share this resource as well.



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Hi @jennysowyrda
Thank you but unfortunatelly, it does not answer to my need. 
I don't see the purpose of this integration, it's a little bit useless in my point of view. 

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