How do we import "tasks" from Salesforce


How do we import tasks from Salesforce as part of a switch from Salesforce to Hubspot? So far the onboarding element of Hubspot has left us cold as the needs we outlined during the sales process are not being met and we will soon be faced with a Salesforce renewal fee we had hoped to avoid. 


We need our customer data to come across with notes and assigned tasks NOT being lost. Help!

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Hi Penguin,

My advice is to take a look at an automated migration service Data2CRM.

Its team makes possible the data switch into the new CRM without loses. That means that you can transfer information from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM with no missed connections (e. g. Notes and assigned Tasks ).


By, you can try to migrate your data by yourself through the free Demo migration or mail me directly to get more info.


Hope, my suggestion is useful to you and will help to solve the task.




You have to use API to import notes (same goes for tasks and other engagements) into the Hubspot feed.


If you don't want to go for hiring a full-service migration provider to migrate the data between Salesforce and HubSpot directly, you might want to check out a self-service solution - Import2 Wizard, that has a free option and still allows you to import into the timelines.


You would need to get your notes and tasks into a CSV from Salesforce. And then upload them to Hubspot.


For example, while uploading notes you select “notes” as the type of data to import and then associate it to the related contact while configuring the mappings.


See a short animation below on how it works: