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How customizable is HubSpot in comparison to Salesforce?

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My company has been using HubSpot for close to two years.  It works great for our Sales Development team, but it is not a great fit for our Sales team as it sits.  Our industry's sales process is pretty unique and in order for HubSpot to be a good fit, it's going to require a good deal of customization and integrations.  I know that Salesforce is highly customizable and can be built into almost anything. . . I was hoping to hear from some of you on how HubSpot compares in this regard.  Thanks in advance for your time!

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How customizable is HubSpot in comparison to Salesforce?

Hello  @LPhillips ,


Because of the nature of your question, I will answer it at a high level.


Without a doubt, HubSpot can adapt to your particular needs. The App Market place has more than 1,200 apps that integrates seamlessly into HubSpot. Auxilio has completed complex mandates and has always been able to find solutions. There are multiple avenues: custom objects, custom code actions, workflows, sequence, HubL, JSON, etc.


For sales people:

The user interface is easier to use, which promotes adoption.


For customer-facing teams:
HubSpot was developed for multiple teams, not just sales: marketing (to attract leads), sales (to engage them) and service (to turn your customers into brand ambassadors who will also recommend your company). In short, HubSpot helps break down the silos between all these teams.


For the technical team:
HubSpot unlike SalesForce was fully developed by... HubSpot. So you have a unified platform, which makes the work of the technical teams much easier and reduces the cost of ownership in the long run.


I'll include some reading here:


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How customizable is HubSpot in comparison to Salesforce?

Hi @LPhillips, I would argue HubSpot is more customizable and has more integrations that are easier to use than Salesforce - with that said, some context around what makes your sales process unique and why it doesn't currently work well for your sales team would be very helpful to understand - otherwise those of us in the community aren't able to provide better insights.

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