How can I automate enrolling a contact into a sequence? Zapier,

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How can I automate enrolling a contact into a sequence?


I would like to automate enrolling a contact into a sequence.

Could this be done with Zapier or


i.e. Using an email or Google Sheets row as a trigger to enroll the Hubspot contact into a sequence?


Is this possible?  If not, is this something I can develop OR how can I request this functionality?





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Hi @Jefe  I see that you've already added this as a suggestion to our ideas forum. For further context on why this is not a feature please refer to this thread comment by our inbound professor @coachcourt.  


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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Hi Ed,


Yes, I was informed after asking the question where to submit ideas/requests.


I am using this for a 1:1 type conversation and the requested feature would be to automate enrolling 1 contact into a specific sequence as determined by the google sheet trigger.


In regards to the reference thread, hubspot allows templates so multiple people can be enrolledinto the same sequence, 1 at a time, so I understand your point about seeing that as a marketing flow, but this is for a 1-off conversation.


I am interested in rules to maintain the 1:1 type conversation with the automation.

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I have a similar request, with the idea of keeping the 1:1 connection, but just automating tasks.

Instead of manually enrolling a lead in a sequence at a particular lead stage, the lead is automatically enrolled with the next lead stage as a trigger.

I tried this through workflows, and it could be as simple as allowing a contact to be enrolled in a sequence just as it would allow a contact to be enrolled in a workflow based on that trigger.