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How To Track Discounts To Invoice on Quickbooks Online


  1. Transparency for our clients to see what services on their invoices have discounts and for how much.
  2. Reporting on our end for which services were discounted by our sales reps the most, etc.


The issue we're having:

  • We have the integration set up with Quickbooks Online, but we can't figure out how to get discounts on individual services (aka Line Items) to show up on the QB Invoice. The invoice just shows the service at the discounted price, but does not show the original price.

Does anyone have a good solution for tracking discounts without a bunch of manual work on the HubSpot side and then on Quickbooks? Our preferred method would be to have line items for discounts and have those sync to Quickbooks at line items also, but apparently negative amounts won't sync over?



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How To Track Discounts To Invoice on Quickbooks Online

Unfortunately we do not use QB online, we use desktop. However, we track discounts by creating a part number specifically for the discount which then would appear on the quote, invoice, etc. You can then also run a report in QB for that specific part number(s) for tracking. Hope that helps!

Community Manager
Community Manager

How To Track Discounts To Invoice on Quickbooks Online

Hey @jscottCFM 


Thank you for reaching out. I'll tag a few contributors from our community that might be able to share some ideas.

Hey @BLaRosa @MRamberg @Josh @louischausse do you know if there is a way to track discounts using Quickbooks? 




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