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We are new to using Sale Pro.  Our CSR team uses HelpScout for our info email.  Has anyone integrated Hubspot with HelpScout?  How much informtion can be communicated from HelpScout to the contact record in HubSpot?


Thanks for the help.

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We use HelpScout and Hubspot CRM together. You can sync conversations from HelpScout to the timeline of the contact as well as the HelpScout Happiness Score.


However, currently, I am having a hard time getting the data to go from HelpScout to Hubspot. Our integration is working fine Hubspot to HelpScout.

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Hey @ttarrDC,


It really depends on what the API allows from each solution.  Would need to hear your use case with some more detail or even see a list/workflow of what data needs to go from what system to where.  My team builds custom integrations, if something you're looking for is beyond what the native provides, so if you want to have a quick call, feel free to reach out.

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There are some native integrations you can set up (more info on those here and here). As @bfelker suggested though, there may be some limitations or difficulties in bringing over exactly what you need, where you need it, as those native integrations can be limited to just what the have pre-built for you.


There is another option, Import2 Wizard, which allows you to connect HelpScout and HubSpot and select exactly what data you need and where you need it. For example, you can push ticket conversations into the contact timelines in HubSpot - or, show lifecycle stage or last activity date from HubSpot on the customer record inside of HelpScout. It also includes realtime support if you run into trouble or would like some guidance on setting up the integration.

If you are interested in learning more on the topic of crm & helpdesk integration and what to share between the two systems, you can review our article about that here. It’s a nice guide to prep you for the setup of the actual integration so that it goes as smoothly as possible.