Help with Constant Contact field mapping to integrate


I just upgraded to the Operation Hub Starter so I can integrate the lists from Constant Contact to HubSpot using the field mapping.  The Lists in HubSpot are neatly mapped out – data from drop down menus will populate a List.


I assumed I would be able to sync each list in Constant Contact to HubSpot.  However, even with the upgrade, it appears I can only sync to one list.  Through the chat function, a HS technician suggested I download all contacts from Constant Contact and reference a tag to trigger the correct list the contacts are to join in HubSpot. 


The field mapping is a joke! 


In Constant Contact, I cannot select list name or tag. I could create a customized field in Constant Contact.  However, that would only be a one-way sync to HubSpot. 


In HubSpot the field mapping doesn't allow me to select any dropdown menu options from the selected field. I considered creating a new field in HS that is the same customized one in Constant Contact to see if that triggers contacts to go into the correct List in HubSpot.  However, this is counterintuitive to the well-thought customization with drop down menus.  Plus, it will create duplicate data entry to add the information and I know my admin will make mistakes. I joined HS to avoid duplicate data entry.


Can anyone provide help on how contacts from my lists in HubSpots can seamlessly sync with my lists in Constant Contact?  I would be extremely grateful!

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Hi @JStruble ,


Thank you for reaching out.

Would you mind sharing some screenshots of what you described in your post? I don't have experience with Constant Contact and would like to get more details to better understand the situation.


Your endgoal is to do two-way sync between HubSpot contact lists and Constant Contact lists, correct?


Thanks for reaching out!  Yes, the end goal is for two way sync. 


  1. This was advertised which you could only import that contact that you want. This doesn't seem to be true.  First I attempted to list by list by HubSpot only allows one sync. See here 
    In the Contact Sync module, it does allow to prevent a list from transfering contacts from the email platform. However, it only prevented one list. I wanted to limit 4 lists from syncing.  See here  

    Is there a way to sync more than one list?  Currently 4,000 contacts have been imported into HubSpot that I do not want!  If this could be fixed this would be a GREAT help.

  2. The second problem I encountered was getting the list in Constant Contact to fill the list in HubSpot.  I was extremely disapponted in the field mapping for HubSpot, that the drop down menu items did display for a field.  In the field Job Function, I have a drop down for our various target audience but could not select the drop down option 'Executive Director' which would match with the list in Constant Contact by the same name.  See here

  3. As a work around for #2, I created a radio button field Called Executive Director. If this is checked, it will tell Constant contact to upload to the Executive Director list. See here.  I now need to create this work around for four more lists.  Now this sounds like a resolution, however, it isn't. I adopted a CRM to stop doing duplicate data entry and now I'm forced into it. Whenever there is duplicate data entry there are mistakes.  Is there an easier, cleaner way I can have a list in Hubspot match a list in Constant Contact?

  4. Last, my workaround only has one way sync from HubSpot to Constant Contact.  See:  I would like this to be two way.  Is there a solution to make this field mapping two ways?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!