HelloSign Verification Issue


My clients are regularly receiving their HelloSign verification email (on quotes) in the Junk or Spam folder. This is creating troubleshooting for my team, and occasionally the need to send pdf contracts. This is a big issue. 


We need to be able to turn off the email verification portion and let them sign as soon as they open the contract. That's it. 

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Community Manager

Hi @Biz,


Based on your subscription, you have access to HubSpot Technical Support. If the emails that are ending up in spam are coming from HubSpot, I would recommend reaching out to HubSpot Support for troubleshooting specific to your portal (for general troubleshooting on ensuring emails end up in recipients' inboxes, I wanted to share this resource).


Additionally, the HelloSign integration is supported by HelloSign, so if the issue is with emails that are coming from their system, I would recommend reaching out to their Support team for best next steps.


Thank you,


I reached out to HelloSign and they said per their integration with HubSpot, together they've decided to use a verification email. Their solution for that was for me to tell all my clients to move HelloSign into safe sender list. 


You know I cannot do that. The first email shows up fine, it's that verification email that gets lost and they can't complete the signing without it. 


I'm having the same problem! And it's not a possibility to ask for each client to add sucess@hubspot.com as a trusted email.


This is really impacting the sales process and making friction with my client. Please, it would be really good to make this non-verification email optionality.