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External form mapping



I'm using an external form with custom fields.

All the fields were successfull mapped except the company name.


Could you please tell me how I can do so that the company field from my form gets mapped to the hubspot company name ?


Thanks for your help.



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Contributor | Platinum Partner

External form mapping

Hi @VDesjardins 🙂 

I'm happy to help here! Since forms must map to contact properties, I am going to assume that you want your form field to map to the CONTACT property of 'company name'? Is that correct? 

For this to happen, you just need to make sure that either the label or the internal value of your form field is 'company name'. If this is the case but it is still not mapping, could you please send a screenshot of a from submission in HubSpot showing the error message that the field could not be mapped? 

You can get this by going to forms > hover over form > actions > submissions > view an individual submission. 



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