Email integration not working

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We are trying out HubSpot and it looks great so far but have hit a roadblock.


I am bcc'ing and forwarding emails to my hubspot bcc email ( and nothing happens. My assumption is that I can forward relevant emails to the system and the contact will be added (if not there already) and the email logged to the system.


I had assumed that by turning on the email integration with my G Suite account that this might happen automatically. At a minimum if I can forward emails to HS then this really is a game changer for me as we spin up on the product.


I read the online help and I think I'm meeting all the criteria. The domain is through G Suite.


So far the service looks great but this would really make it hum for me. I look forward to your response.





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Hi @jkustan, welcome to the community. I would take a look at this other post on our community and take the same troubleshooting steps. You can also send me a private message with the necessary information: