Documents I send in emails load EXTREMELY slowly

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We've recently uploaded 4 versions of some retail propositions to send to contacts. On 3 different computers the documents are all taking a ridiculous amount of time to load. 5+ minutes to load on a Macbook Pro; not loading at all on one Lenovo; causing Chrome to crash and entire computer to lose funtionality on another Lenovo.


We obviously can't have any of these issues happenening on the computer of a buyer we are sending it to. Could Hubspot please check whether this is an internal software issue.

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Hi @tomsimpson001


Are you still experiencing this issue? I checked our records and there was nothing recorded for documents loading slowly a few weeks ago. 


Are you experiencing the issue across multiple internet networks? Additionally, are you experiencing the issue for documents uploaded from different locations/types of documents? 


If you are still experiencing the issue can you please share the document names or links either here or through a direct message so I can investigate this further? 


Thank you, 

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