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Do you have to "Turn on" the sync between Salesforce & Hubspot? Data isn't auto flowing

I've been asked to troubleshoot a connection that another team setup. I've been brought in at the very end of this integration, so I don't know how things have been setup. I also don't have access to the Salesforce side of the account. 


Currently, SF and HS have been integrated. I did a test imported of contacts and was able to import 5 records successfully. 


What I don't understand is, why isn't syncing automatically happening now? The SF integration is turned on. 


They are well below the API call limits. They have a couple minor sync errors they need to fix, but they are only impacting contacts.

They've had new contacts added since this connection was enabled. 


If I do a bulk import, does everything start auto-syncing afterwards? Is there a setting on the SF side that needs to be enabled to start the auto-syncing? 

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Do you have to "Turn on" the sync between Salesforce & Hubspot? Data isn't auto flowing

@BamaBoy congrats on inheriting an integration - that's always fun!


There are a few things that may be an issue here:

1. The integration user does not have the right permissions. This would require access on the Salesforce side to see this. You can reach out to your Salesforce admin and ask if the integration user has System Administration permissions. Not sure who the integration user is? You can see the email used under the HubSpot integration settings.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 2.36.48 PM.png


2. The sync settings are not configured to create/sync data. If you look at HubSpot > Salesforce and Salesforce > HubSpot, is it set to create a lead/contact in Salesforce when one is created in HubSpot? Look into these and make sure it's doing what it's supposed to.

3. Are you using an inclusion list? You can see this under HubSpot> Salesforce settings. If so, the Contacts may not be on the inclusion list so they're not syncing.

4. The integration isn't turned on. There's a toggle in the top right of the integration settings. Make sure that's blue to show the integration is on.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 2.39.13 PM.png

5. Something else that's wonky! Our team specializes in the integration. I'd be happy to talk through this with you & I'd recommend you enroll in our free course. It's about all things HubSpot Salesforce integration & will be super helpful.

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Do you have to "Turn on" the sync between Salesforce & Hubspot? Data isn't auto flowing

Hi, @BamaBoy 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Starting late into a project's life is challenging, for sure.


Hey, @LaurenKennedy @franksteiner79, do you have any tips on how @BamaBoy might start troubleshooting root causes with their integration?





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