Custom Owner field that syncs with Salesforce?

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We have a custom owner field on our Deals. It's for the Deal Team (the person who sets the appointment). I would like to create a field in Salesforce that syncs with this field so that it can be shown on Salesforce opportunities. 

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Hi, @gpicajr. This is possible, but there are practical limitations in play which may present issues. Depending on your needs, there could be some straightforward solutions, however.


If you've already attempted mapping your custom owner field to HubSpot, you've probably noticed that, when it syncs, you see the ID representing the user record of the custom deal owner in its place. This is by design; if you attempt to map a lookup, it's mapped to a text property in HubSpot by default, so only the ID of the looked-up record appears in HubSpot. 


There are two ways you can solve for this, depending on what you want to do. 


If all you want to do is have the custom name display, the easiest way to solve for it is to create a formula field equal to the name of the custom field owner. Map that to HubSpot, resync records, and you're all set. 


If, instead, you need the ability to change Salesforce custom owners from HubSpot, that'll take a bit more setup (plus maintenance and upkeep over time). You could create a picklist property in HubSpot, where each picklist value label represents the name of one of the custom deal owners, and the value represents the ID of their record in Salesforce.


However, this is something you'd have to manually update as owners joined and left Salesforce. You may have a volume of users which would make this unmanageable, and/or errors could occur if a custom Salesforce owner wasn't included in your HubSpot picklist. But this would give you more control over setting the data from either system.


Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
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