Collect data in HubSpot to copy it to Workfront - use a form??

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We are doing an integration of HubSpot with another program, Workfront, using an integration tool, Fusion. What we want to do is send information from HubSpot (the deal, or maybe the deal and the Contact) to Workfront with our integration tool, Fusion, at the point where the salesperson needs another resource (person). The order would, we believe, be:

1. Salesperson creates contact and deal in HubSpot
2. Salesperson works on them him/herself
3. Salesperson needs a designer or solutions specialist or sales coordinator in order to create a bid or quote or other materials for the (potential) client.
4. To request this additional resource (person), salesperson answers several questions and, based on his/her answers, Fusion creates a Project in Workfront and routes it to the right person.

So I was asking about a way to require fields at that point – for the request for a resource -- since the information needed for those fields is often not known when the salesperson first creates the contact and deal.

I found that we cannot create conditional required fields. Since we cannot require the fields until the salesperson wants a resource, I wondered if I could use the Forms feature in HubSpot. But our form would just be to collect data in order to copy it into Workfront, not to create a Contact or Lead, which is what it seems Forms do. Can we use Forms just to collect data? Or any other ideas for what we're trying to do?

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Hi @mavism,


If the sales person creates the contact in HubSpot originally, and then uses that email address when filling in the required information later on, then the form submission would log to the contact record that already exists and not create a new contact. 


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