Can no longer use contact email in Zapier actions from Contact Property change trigger

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Hi Hubspot,


With your recent update to Zapier, there's a fundamental piece that caused all of our existing zaps to stop working. 

We use the Contact Property Change trigger to pass a bunch of notes from a number of properties in Hubspot to our Customer Success tool. the contacts email address is the look up value we need to find the right contact in the action steps. In your previous zapier integration, that was no problem. the trigger would return the contact email.

However, your new update requires us to select the properties we want the trigger to return. Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 1.15.50 PM.png


YOU CAN'T FIND AND SELECT JUST THE CONTACT EMAIL FIELD..... which is critical to a bunch of workflows and would be something I imagine would be required for many people. The flow on effect of course is that you only have the properties you've selected in the trigger step, to use in the action steps. 

My workaround: I had to create a new property and then create a workflow to copy the email address from the primary email property to my new property, in order to then be able to select it in Zapier. 

Am I crazy, or does that seem like a ridiculous way to handle this? Why can't I simply select the Contact Email property in the first place, like we used to????

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Hello @tom_maxwell1984 


Investigating more about this matter, when you are searching for this property, are you trying to associate deals with contacts? If so, this community post will contain more information , as currently there are no plans to surface a contact's email address on a deal .



I hope this information helps.




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