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Automatically create and send contracts with Oneflow

Exciting news! 📣


Contract management platform Oneflow is launching contract automation with Workflows, as an update to the existing integration!


Now you can streamline your contracts across Sales and Marketing Hub by automatically generating and sending contracts based on event-based and filter-based HubSpot triggers.


In this release, you'll be able to use the following Oneflow actions:

  • Create contract – automatically create a contract in the right workspace and template
  • Send contract – automatically send a contract to contacts in HubSpot
  • Add participant – automatically add a participant (counterparty) to a contract
  • Get contract details – automatically retrieve details such as workspace, template, and status to trigger further actions
  • Delete contract – automatically delete a contract
  • Get contract list – automatically retrieve lists of contracts from deals, companies, and contacts (and other objects)

This way, you'll be able to trigger workflows to:

  • Automatically create and send contracts when a lead submits a marketing form on your website – When a lead submits their details in a marketing form, a contract with their data will automatically be created, add participants and send to sign instantly
  • Automatically create and send contracts once a deal reaches a qualified stage – When a deal reaches a qualified stage in your process a contract will automatically generated and sent to the associated contacts on your deal
  • Automatically create and send a contract on custom objects – You can automatically create and send contracts if you are using custom objects in your sales process

This makes it easy to remove repetitive tasks across your sales process and increase your productivity! 🚀


Learn more about the launch here, or watch the video below!


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Automatically create and send contracts with Oneflow

I'm struggling to get the Deal Amount to work the way we need it to. We have a main one-off price for our deals (Price 1) and then other recurring fees (Price 2).

When pulling the deal amount through from OneFlow there is no way to only pull the one-off price (Price 1).


Instead no matter how you set it up, it always adds on some of the recurring price as well. So we have had to set the deal amount to manual and update it ourselves, which is not ideal. Any suggestions?


Automatically create and send contracts with Oneflow

The sync of deal amount between HubSpot and Oneflow is designed to ensure consistency between both platforms. When you fetch data from Oneflow to hubspot, all product-related data from Oneflow is synchronized to HubSpot's line items, and the deal value is then updated based on HubSpot's calculations for deal value.

I understand that you would like to sync only the one-off price from Oneflow to HubSpot, excluding any recurring fees. Currently, our two-way sync settings do not allow for differentiation between product types; they apply uniformly across all line items associated with a deal. Consequently, this includes updates regarding recurring products as well.

We appreciate your feedback on this matter. I will relay your comments to our development team for consideration in future updates, aiming to provide a more flexible synchronization solution. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Automatically create and send contracts with Oneflow

@elinmattsson , Thank you very much for the fantastic update! Customers will love this!