Automatic Hubspot Company and User creation via Zapier

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Hi there, 


We have been working with Hubspot and Intercom for ages now, and it's time to get these systems integrated better with each other. When a user creates an account and company within our system, an user and a company within Intercom is created. All information needed is added (via an API connection between our systems and Intercom) to the intercom data. 


From Intercom, we want to create/update users and companies in HubSpot via a Zapier connection (if possible). And this is where I'm stuck. I get a new user and a new company in HubSpot automatically but it's near impossible to see how I can add this user to the company or visa versa. 


Is there even a way to do this via Zapier? Or do we need to create an API connection with Hubspot directly? 


Thanks for the help 🙂 



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Hi Max,


I believe you need to connect directly using the HS API.